Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital; Proud Co-Sponsors of Face of Nepal 2023

healthy choice clinic face of nepal 2023
Empowering Health: A Collaborative Journey with the Face of Nepal 2023 in transforming Lives

The recent partnership between Face of Nepal 2023 and Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital marked a significant milestone in the journey toward promoting better health and well-being. This collaborative effort brought together 18 enthusiastic participants, all eager to take charge of their health and embrace positive lifestyle changes.

Throughout the health campaign, Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital remained dedicated to making a profound impact on the lives of the participants. Our team of devoted healthcare professionals provided invaluable insights and personalized guidance, empowering each participant to prioritize their health and overall well-being.

The campaign commenced with an informative presentation session led by our skilled doctors, Dr. Ami Pradhan, Head of Dermatology Department and our dietitian, Dt. Aayush Adhikari. The participants gained a wealth of knowledge about Diet, Skin, and their body’s functioning. They were intrigued and delighted by the knowledge they acquired, and the interactive session sparked numerous insightful questions and discussions.

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healthy choice clinic face of nepal 2023
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healthy choice clinic face of nepal 2023
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In the subsequent round, we organized a session for Skin, Diet, and Hair analysis, offering participants an opportunity to win prizes based on their health condition analysis.

It was important to note that the competition was not intended to judge the participants’ health, but rather to appreciate their efforts in taking care of themselves.

The round provided participants with valuable insights into their current health status and recommendations to enhance their overall well-being through daily lifestyle improvements.

With a total of 18 participants, we introduced an interesting element of surprise by having them pick lucky draws, which determined the order of their consultations. Some started with hair consultations, others with skin analysis and consultation, and others with BMI and diet consultations.

The event on 21st July turned out to be highly interactive and engaging, fostering productive exchanges between the participants and our skilled doctors.

As the health campaign concluded, the Healthy Awards winners, Ms. Smriti Shrestha and Mr. Sauget Pradhan were decided based on the scores given by our expert doctors. The competition aimed to recognize and reward their dedication to personal health improvement.

On the Grand Finale Day of Face of Nepal 2023, 1st August, the winners were honored with the titles of Mr. and Ms. Healthy by Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital. It was a moment of pride and joy for everyone involved, celebrating the journey of transformation and the positive impact the campaign had on their lives.

Amidst the excitement of the event, Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital felt honored to be regarded as partner alongside various companies, working in collaboration with Face of Nepal. Adding to the uniqueness of the event, our very own Dr. Udip Shrestha had the privilege of being a judge for the Face of Nepal pageant, blending health and wellness with fashion, beauty, and aesthetics in a remarkable way.

Healthy Choice Team at Ace IBS Fiesta 2023

In conclusion, the health campaign in partnership with Face of Nepal 2023 was not only a success in terms of creating awareness and inspiring healthy lifestyles but also a memorable journey filled with learning, growth, and celebration. Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital remains committed to contributing positively to the well-being of individuals and the community, and we look forward to future endeavors in fostering a healthier and happier society.

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