Low Level Light Therapy


What is a Low-Level Light Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a modern, non-surgical treatment for hair loss that utilizes light to stimulate cell growth and enhance hair follicles. This therapy is painless and has been approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment for both men and women. It is primarily used to address androgenic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. LLLT is a holistic and completely natural approach to treating hair loss, employing a single wavelength of natural light to stimulate hair growth by targeting the hair follicles. It is also commonly utilized in physical therapy, sports medicine, and chiropractic treatments. LLLT serves as an excellent option for patients seeking to restore hair volume.

How it Works:

The laser light used in LLLT emits a specific wavelength that can be effectively absorbed by the molecules present in the hair follicles. This light stimulates the hair follicles in various ways, promoting their transition into the growth stage. By penetrating the scalp, it activates the stem cells responsible for regenerating the hair follicles, thereby facilitating hair regrowth. Additionally, it enhances the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and boosts the metabolic processes of the cells, leading to accelerated hair growth. The light also enhances blood flow in the targeted scalp area, ensuring a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. This results in the growth of hair with increased length and diameter, producing thicker hair shafts and a fuller appearance overall.


  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces further hair loss
  • Painless & Non – Invasive
  • No Side Effects
  • Can be used in all gender – men & women for all hair lengths
  • Increase Hair Strength & density.

What to expect after treatment?

LLLT promotes the growth of thicker, stronger, and healthier hair, significantly improving its appearance and volume. It is particularly effective in treating thinning and weakened hair follicles. According to various studies, LLLT has demonstrated the ability to slow down or halt hair loss in 85% of patients undergoing treatment. Additionally, 55% of patients observed new hair growth. It is important to note that LLLT is not effective in cases where baldness has been present for an extended period. It cannot stimulate hair growth in areas of the scalp that are completely devoid of hair follicles. LLLT exclusively works on active hair follicles and has no impact on those that are already dormant or non-functional.

Once treatment begins, noticeable results typically manifest after two months and continue to improve gradually over subsequent months. If treatment is interrupted, hair loss may resume gradually over several months, and the hair will gradually return to its original state. LLLT only provides results as long as the treatment is consistently maintained.

Side Effect:

LLLT has been used for over 50 years in diverse medical conditions and across various anatomical sites, with a very low incidence of adverse effects. When it comes to LLLT for hair growth, the only reported adverse effects in humans are the temporary onset of telogen effluvium (TE) that may occur within the first 1-2 months after initiating Laser Combo treatment. However, this effect typically disappears with continued application of the treatment. It is important to consider the presence of dysplastic or malignant lesions on the scalp, as LLLT’s proliferative effects could potentially stimulate their growth.

Contraindication for laser therapy is:

  • Eyes: Avoid directing laser beams into the eyes, and ensure that everyone present wears appropriate safety spectacles.
  • Cancer: Refrain from treating over areas with known primary carcinoma or secondary metastasis, unless the patient is undergoing chemotherapy. LLLT can be used to mitigate side effects such as mucositis. However, it may be considered for palliative relief in terminally ill cancer patients.
  • Pregnancy: Avoid treating directly over the developing fetus.
  • Epileptics: Take caution with low-frequency pulsed visible light, as it may potentially trigger seizures in photosensitive, epileptic patients. The adverse effects of LLLT have been reported to be similar to those experienced by patients exposed to placebo devices in trials.

Sessions and durations:

The procedure typically takes 15-20 minutes. In a span of one month, 6-8 sessions of LLLT are conducted, and for optimal results, it is recommended to undergo 14-16 sessions.

How does Low Level Laser Therapy Restore Hair Loss?

LLLT triggers the activation of cells within the hair follicles, initiating biochemical processes that result in increased energy production, enhanced blood circulation to the follicles, and improved delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. Additionally, it aids in the removal of harmful hormones like DHT. Ultimately, these effects promote cell growth and regeneration, facilitate the healing of the follicles, and ultimately lead to renewed hair growth.

Who benefits from LLLT?

Following a microscopic evaluation of the scalp, LLLT treatment is typically prescribed for all hair loss patients. Individuals diagnosed with active hair loss, specifically those exhibiting more than 20% hair shaft miniaturization in any area of the scalp, are considered good candidates for this procedure. Additionally, LLLT can be used as an adjunct treatment for patients who have undergone hair surgery. The combination of LLLT and a hair transplant can yield superior outcomes by strengthening the patient’s existing hair and promoting the growth of thicker-looking hair.

What should I expect during LLLT?

During your LLLT treatment at Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital, you will be seated comfortably in a chair. Our expert medical staff will position a helmet-like device over the top of your head. You can then relax for the duration of the 20–30-minute session, as the treatment is known for its painless and side-effect-free features.

Low-level light therapy (LLLT), also referred to as photo biomodulation, is a non-invasive therapeutic method that employs low-level light sources like lasers or LEDs to stimulate cellular activity and facilitate healing. By utilizing specific wavelengths of light on targeted areas, LLLT offers a wide range of benefits. It can effectively alleviate pain and inflammation, promote tissue repair and regeneration, enhance blood circulation, and encourage collagen production. LLLT finds applications in diverse fields, including medical treatments and aesthetic procedures such as wound healing, pain management, hair growth stimulation, and skin rejuvenation. This safe and gentle therapy has gained popularity due to its minimal side effects and potential to improve overall well-being and vitality.