Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital's Collaboration with Corporates for Employee Diet Programs
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Being healthy doesn’t only count in hospitals, clinics, and at home, but it is equally important in the corporate world as well. Employees, who work continuously throughout the day, often struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to the lack of time and awareness. Furthermore, International Labour Organization also concluded that Poor workplace is hits workers health and productivity.

Recognizing this, Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital, always striving to enhance the well-being of individuals, seized the opportunity to engage corporate employees in a diet program held on July 19th, 2023. Thus, this was the starting of Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital’s Collaboration with Corporates for Diet Programms and Wellness Programms.

During the program, we conducted diet consultations for 279 employees, which shed light on the impact of the corporate working environment on their health. Shockingly, we discovered that employees consumed an excessive amount of caffeinated drinks to boost their energy, potentially leading to future health issues.

Additionally, many employees had high body fat levels, indicating that the corporate canteen offered more fast foods than nutritious options. Through this eye-opening experience, we realized that the pressures of daily work were unknowingly making employees unhealthy, and we were grateful for the chance to address these concerns.

To address the potential health issues that could arise in the future, we recommended changes to the canteen menu. Our suggestions included replacing fast foods with options that incorporated fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Furthermore, we proposed switching caffeinated drinks to healthier alternatives like herbal teas, infused water, or decaffeinated beverages.

At Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital, our mission is to focus on diet plans related to Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Maintenance, and Disease management as well as to Strengthen Immunity. We aim to help employees strike a balance between their work responsibilities and a healthy diet, promoting their overall physical and mental well-being. We understand that many individuals struggle to find time for leading a healthier lifestyle, which is why we took this opportunity to assist employees in engaged incorporation.

As an aspiring clinic, our commitment to encouraging a healthier lifestyle goes beyond helping our clients adopt better eating habits. We strive to provide the perfect diet plan that suits each individual’s unique needs, whether it involves weight management, addressing health conditions, or achieving overall well-being.

Our dedication to our client’s welfare knows no bounds, and we continuously seek opportunities to participate in such programs to learn more about how our clients’ present diet affects their health. Armed with this knowledge, we can recommend what’s best for them and guide them toward a healthier future.

Healthy Choice Team at Ace IBS Fiesta 2023

Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital is immensely grateful to the corporate that provided us with the opportunity to conduct a diet program for their employees. It proved to be a highly fruitful and rewarding experience for both our team and the employees involved. Being able to assess each individual’s health and offer our assistance was truly remarkable. We believe that the program had a positive impact on the participants, and we are delighted to have been part of their journey toward improved well-being.

If you, too, have concerns regarding your diet and well-being, Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital is always at your service, ready to extend a helping hand and enhance your health through nutritious and balanced diet plans. Our team is here to support you on your journey to better health and a happier life.

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