Miss Nepal North America 2024 Title Sponsor Healthy Choice

Miss Nepal North America 2024 Title Sponsor Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital is a leading aesthetic services provider in Nepal and proudly sponsoring Miss Nepal North America. This Collaboration aims to support Nepali community in the USA, showcasing the importance of aesthetic healthcare and promoting healthy life choice and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy Choice is presenting Best Hair and Best Skin awards to the deserving contestants in this event.

actress Aanchal Sharma

She is a famous actress in the Nepalese film industry who has contributed biggest movies such as Shatru Gate, Johnny Gentleman, black, and Jhingedaau.

By offering various resources, Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital aims to empower individuals with Knowledge about modern aesthetic treatments and encourage them to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Miss Nepal North America event is held every year and it is one of the largest pageants in North America in terms of media coverage in many countries worldwide The event was founded in 2017 for the girls who are living in the USA and of Nepali origin. It aims to honor and recognize talented, cultural, and intelligent young women of Nepali descent in the USA and provide them a platform for their uniqueness which is runned by Dream Universal LLC.

Grand Finalist Miss Nepal North America 2024

The grand final of the international beauty pageant is happening on August 03, 2024 in Melrose Ballroom, New York with 20 contestants. Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital is looking forward to the event.

Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital’s sponsorship of Miss Nepal North America 2024 is a testament to its dedication to serving the global Nepali community. Through this collaboration, the hospital aims to bridge the gap between modern aesthetic healthcare and traditional community values, while also empowering youth and women. That ensures that Nepalese everywhere have access to the best in medical care and support.

Healthy Choice Aesthetic Hospital is proud to support celebration of beauty, talent, and culture. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to all the contestants. May you shine brightly, showcasing your unique strengths and inspiring everyone around you.

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